Necromancer thwarted!

Two characters have uncovered, with the guards help, a necromancer’s den in The King’s Crown! An Orc by the name of Gru’b Ud was turning towns people into zombies and skeletons! If you go to a burial site, please contacts the guards to see if your loved ones remains have been moved. These two characters were unable to interviewed for this story but the guards assure us that they are well trained in what they do. According to our informant they are now being asked by the guards to help them with the local bombing of the ships to the lower nation!

In other news, the king has declared martial law on all people or peoples convicted of a class 2 crime or higher. We suggest all citizens be on alert, be wary of strangers, keep your children inside, and report all suspicious activity! Keep this city clean citizens!

-An excerpt from “The Aldurian Page”



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