Aldurian Lore

History of Aldur

The great continent Aldur, Surrounded on 3 sides by the Versitus ocean to the north and east, The Limur Sea to the south, and the Galley Run to the west. Its sisters, The vast Desert Va’Hoon, and the dead glacier known simply as The Frozen Tundra. Aldur is seperated by a sudden change in topography, spanning less then a mole the land comes from a thick jungle area into a sparse plains. The northern jungles are home to many Elven, Human, and Gnomish tribes, including the cities capital, of Aldur. In the barren south there are Orcs, Dwarves, and even more Humans that cannot afford the luxuries of the north.

The south is rich in minirals, but in few deposits. Most owned by the dwarves, they are the top of the Souths political and military might. The orcs are plentiful and savages, low on tool but strong on taking by force. The humans there try to live simple lives, but many are forced into the constant life and death battles.

In the north, The Humans, Elves and Gnomes live together. Humans out numbering both in population are considered the upper class, but if you ask elves they are, and gnomes dont care either way as long as they are left to tinker and take apart. The jungles supply little resources, but the moutianus far north supplies the most valuable of them all. Rex Onyx.

This gem allows children to hone magical aptitude to such a degree they can master their magics in years and head out at an early age. But war is spreading into aldur, the south wants more for its work, but the north thinks they get to much already…



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